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This way we stablish a simile between the nodes, as the components of the graphic interface, and our work structure operating as a team. Nodes that converge in the same working space, resulting in real time feedbacks and the best possible creative outcome.

Our studio is a multidisciplinary space where specialists from all the postproduction processes coexist and a full service of postproduction workflow is provided to producers, filmmakers and artists in general.

Color grading is a delicate and complex task. Creating and perfecting the ¨look¨, bringing an image to its maximum potential and coming close to an exceptional artistic result is the goal of our colorists. As our tools, we work with the Davinci Resolve software from the Black Magic Company. Moreover, our staff includes Black Magic certified and experienced personnel in the use of said software. 

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«We are a postproduction independent studio devoted to making directors and artists visionaries ideas a reality.»

Specialized on postproduction
of digital video:

» Visual effects
» 3D Animation

» Motion design

» Color Grading

The key asset to our work are our specialists, as we count on a multidisciplinary team of talented and experienced creators.

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